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An Interactive and Active Learning Platform



Organisation success depends on keeping people up-to-date and skilled in the latest concepts and techniques. Mastering knowledge is essential. Using the most effective and efficient processes is critical.
doDo An Interactive and Active Learning Platform is the newer, more encompassing term for those activities previously described by the term "computer based Program training". Computer based training has been existing for many years.Now it is time to change the way we learn and we teach.

Blended learning can be delivered in a variety of ways. A common model is delivery of "theory" content by doDo prior to actual attendance at a training course or program to put the "theory" into practice. This can be a very efficient and effective method of delivery. This mixture of methods reflects the hybrid nature of the training.

A significant advantage of a blended program is the ability to cater for individual needs. An individual could receive additional information and training through extra doDo programs whilst still attending class room training with other students.

Our Other Products

  • Sathy Finserv

    Finserv is an online finacial accounting software which was created to cater the needs of Auditors and Financial Organisation.

  • M - Trade
    M-Trade is an android mobile application which can be used by traders to take orders from the customers.
  • ERP
    Our ERP system is an independentely customized tool to suite individual manufacturing firm. Every module is built by complete research to suite the customer needs.
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